Education Initiative with ReDI School for Digital Integration

Education Initiative with ReDI School for Digital Integration

We are happy to announce that Bundesblock has entered into an active cooperation with ReDI School of Digital Integration. ReDI School is a non-profit dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for all via technology education. Education is a core mission of Bundesblock. Together, Bundesblock and ReDI want to empower people from all backgrounds to use blockchain technology to build a better world.


As a first step, the German Blockchain Association will teach a Blockchain Development for Beginners course for students of ReDI School.


Teachers will be developers from members of the Bundesblock. We are happy to announce cooperation with a number of leading companies in the Berlin blockchain scene. Course Material is equally being sponsored by members.


We are proud to serve this exceptional community of entrepreneurs, developers and thinkers here in Berlin. We are grateful for their generosity in donating their time, resources and heart to help empower others to build great things with blockchain tech.


Information on our Course. Registration via website of ReDI School


Blockchain Development Basics


Everybody is talking about blockchain – Discover what is really behind it and how to use it!

Tuesdays, 19:00 – 21:00



  • Learn what the hype about blockchain technology is all about

  • Learn practical tools that make you an attractive job applicant

  • Gain a professional network within the blockchain space




You will be introduced to the world of blockchain and learn the basics of blockchain development.



Practice your blockchain skills to become a proficient blockchain developer.


After this course:

  1. 1. You will have gained a thorough understanding of blockchain technology
  2. 2. You will have the necessary foundation for taking more advanced blockchain courses
  1. 3. You can take internships at members of the German Blockchain Association



  1. 1. Blockchain Fundamentals

  2. 2. Ethereum Fundamentals

  3. 3. Solidity

  4. 4. Truffle

  5. 5. Real World Smart Contracts

  6. 6. Asset Management

  7. 7. Smart Contract Security

  8. 8. Smart Contracts in a Service Architecture

  9. 9. Smart Contract Interfaces; Client-Side Key Management

  10. 10. Blockchain Analysis

  11. 11. Blockchain Business Models

  12. 12. The Future of Organisations


Entry requirements:

  • Completed Intro to Java, Intro to Python, or Intro to Networks Courses at ReDI School


  • Basic programming understanding

  • Basic understanding of how the Internet works (client-server model)


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